Many homeowners tend to consider remodeling their kitchen due to worn cabinets, cracked countertops, or dated appliances. There are many other reasons why a kitchen may need a remodel, and they are not only cosmetic. If you are unsure of whether now is a good time to start a remodel, consider these factors:


Do you wish your kitchen had more counter space? Are your cabinets overflowing because you just don’t have enough storage room? Perhaps you feel cramped when trying to cook in your kitchen. If you feel as if the shape of your counter or the position of your fridge is taking away useful work space, it may be time to contemplate a kitchen remodel.


If you love to entertain within your home but miss out due to a closed-off kitchen, an open plan kitchen could largely benefit you. This will allow more social interaction as you cook and your guests make themselves comfortable. You may also need more space if you tend to cook as a team with your partner rather than individually. 


Are the windows in your kitchen placed in all the wrong spots? Rather than looking out into your garage, you might prefer to have a view into the backyard to keep an eye on your children or pets as they play outdoors. Repositioning the windows could also allow more or less sunlight into the kitchen, depending on what you would prefer. Keep in mind that a cooking surface should never be located under an operable window.


Dated appliances may cost you more than you realize. Technological advances, such as a dishwasher with low energy consumption, can save both water and money. 


Think about the universal design of your kitchen. Will your family have room to grow? Will you still be able to use your kitchen safely as you grow older? Keep universal techniques in mind to assure that your kitchen is accessible to everyone regardless of age, size, or physical ability. 

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