With the weather changing, you’ve started your spring cleaning and putting winter clothes away, but have you checked on your roof? Your roof can take a beating from the harsh weather in the winter, so it is important to check on it so it can stay strong over the summer.

Check for Damage

The rain, snow and wind from the winter can cause damage you may not be able to see from the ground. Shingles can become loose, faded or cracked. You’ll want to check for these before the summer heat kicks in. If you notice any problems don’t try and fix it yourself! You may cause more damage, so give Conaway Enterprises a call! Our team of roofing experts can come out and take a look to see how we can help. It may be a small fix, or it could be the root of a bigger problem.

Take a Look at Your Attic

Checking on your roof from the inside is a great way to look for any holes or cracks. Your attic is dark, so when you go up there look to see if there is any sunlight coming through. Also take a look at the decking or rafters. If there is any fading or discoloration you may have a leak or humidity problem.

The climate is different all over the country, but we all experience summer heat. If you are looking to keep your home cooler this summer, you may want to think about adding an extra layer of insulation under your roof. This can ensure that the sun’s rays don’t penetrate into your home, and the air conditioning stays inside. This can be a very cheap renovation, but attics can be tricky. They are normally smaller, tight spaces, but this is a great investment to save you money in the long run.

How Can Conaway Enterprises Help?

Conaway Enterprises has a team of expert roofing specialists that can help with any job, big or small. No matter the size of the roof, or the style, our team can work with you. From installation to repairs, you can call Conaway Enterprises. Our team provides expert workmanship at great prices, so go online or give us a call today to get your free estimate!