No business owner wants to hear that their roof has collapsed. There is the risk of injury to employees and customers as well as the likelihood of a complete shutdown. It is clear that anyone would rather work to prevent a roof collapse rather than be forced to recover from one. The first step in preventing a collapse is knowing the signs:

Weather Damage

Being aware of the factors that can damage your roof is very important. Snow accumulation is dangerous because the roof is forced to carry lots of extra weight. Wind and water damage can also cause a roof to collapse. 

Cracks in Exterior Masonry

If you see cracks in the masonry of your commercial building, your roof could be the problem. Masonry is generally a highly durable form of construction made up of brick, stone, concrete block, glass block, or tile. An immediate inspection is the only way to find out if your roof is the root of the issue. 

Bends/Ripples in Roof Supports

If you see bends or ripples in your roof supports, it is a sign of structural stress. It is important to find out where the stress is coming from.

Cracks in Ceiling or Interior Walls

Structural issues can make themselves known from the inside of a building via cracks in the ceiling or the interior walls. If you see these signs, find out why they have appeared.


A leak is a clear sign that water is getting into the roof structure. If you notice a leak, you will need to identify the source and find out if any structural damage was done as a result. 

Unusual Sounds

If you hear strange sounds such as creaking or popping, don’t assume that your building is just aging. It could be a warning sign of a roof collapse and should be investigated immediately.

Roof collapses can happen without warning, but many times the signs were missed or ignored. If you see any of these warning signs, do not hesitate to contact Conaway Enterprises for roofing services.

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